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Results from the V-Bay open 2018

£100 First place when to Daz Garrett with a mixed bag of five fish including Rays and Pouting for 22lb 12-½ oz.

Daz also won the £36 pairs sweep with fishing partner C Longmore with a total weight of 23lb 14oz. Kieron Arnell took second place prize 0f £70 with three fish for 17lb 5-½.

Kieron’s bag included a Blonde Ray of 16lb 10oz, which took the sweeps of £26 each for heaviest fish and best specimen.

£50 Third place prize went to Kev Basham with Two fish for 16lb 5oz Conger & undulated ray

Nick Cassford was fourth with five fish for 12lb 10-½ winning £40

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