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Shore Competition Rules

1.      All competitions shall be fished to angling trust and V.A.S.C. rules

2.      Minimum sizes for fish in club competitions shall be as laid down by the V.A.S.C. (Based on the angling trust I.O.W. Div. Minimum Size List).   Members shall be notified of any change in minimum sizes during the year newsletter

3.      Where a club competition is fished in conjunction with an Open Competition, the club competition will be fished to the size limits and times of the Open

4.      Booking in for competitions will be at Tackle shops or with the Competition Secretary by 5pm on the day of the competition

5.      Entry fees for competitions to be fixed by the Committee and to be organised by the Competition Secretary. A sweep will be organised on each competition by the Steward and paid out on the best specimen fish based on angling trust I.O.W. Div. Records List (shore).

6.      All competitors must have paid their subscription for the year prior to entering the competition

7.      Visitors may fish competitions as Associate Members.   The fee for Associate Membership will be the entry fee for that competition and membership will last for that day only

8.      A minimum of three competitors to constitute a competition

9.      Two rods and line, with a maximum of three hooks overall may be used by each competitor at one and the same time. A treble is to be considered as one hook, but only one hook may be a treble. Two hook Pennell mounted baits, one on each rod at any one time, may be used so constructed that the measurement between the eyes of the two hooks does not exceed 10 cm

10.   Competitors rods must not be handled by anyone but themselves unless in danger, except in the case of the steward who has left his rod to attend duties when, if a fish takes the bait, it may be played until his return

11.   No rods to be left unattended and no line to be used as a hand-line

12.   No adult may cast for a junior. However, in the circumstance of a young member under 8 years an adult may assist with without adding distance to the cast.

13.   No assistance in catching and landing a fish may be given by any other competitor except in the actual lifting of the fish from the water with Gaff, Net or Hand. In the case of a competitor with physical disability assistance may be given by handling his or her rod with prior permission from the Steward. (For physically disabled see angling trust Rules G5).

14.   Any fish landed on lost tackle will be disqualified as shall any fish hooked by two or more competitors

15.   Any fish taken before the official start of the competition must be declared to the steward. Rods must be taken in at the time and laid down for the finish of the competition

16.   ONLY one mackerel may be weighed in any one competition unless it is a Mackerel competition. MACKEREL ALLOWED FOR SPECIMEN Fish and angling trust awards

17.   All fish caught in competition shall be weighed in at the Club House, Wheelers Bay or other chosen venues assigned by the Competition Secretary. The weigh-in, starts thirty minutes after the close of the competition for thirty minutes only. Anglers will have the option of weigh and release at all fixed venue competitions

18.   Before certifying the weights of any fish, the weights must be ascertained as follows: All fish of any weight must be weighed on certified scales or steelyards and certificates must state that the fish have been so weighed and duly witnessed. There must be at least two anglers present to witness the weigh – in. The weight of any fish arrived at by weighing in an unstable position cannot be accepted

19.   When the club competition is held in conjunction with an Open Competition the club scales will not be at the Open weigh-in. Members fishing both competitions and attending the Open weigh-in shall obtain a certificate witnessed by the weighing-in Officer or another V.A.S.C member. Such certificate is to be submitted to the Competition Secretary within three days of capture. If sent by post the postmark will be proof of the date. For members fishing both. If the competition secretary is attending the open a steward or other fishing member may conduct the weigh-in as long as rule 18 is applied to.  

20.   For Fish of the Month and Specimen Fish a certificate, duly signed and witnessed must be received by a Committee Member within three days of capture. If sent by post the postmark will be proof of the date

21.   For the club’s aggregate competitions, points will be awarded as follows: 15 points for 1st place down to 2 points for 15th place. Positions to be determined on Bag Weight. Any other competitor attending the weighing-in will receive 1 point. On Premium Fish Competitions, any competitor weighing-in the stated species will receive a further 5 points added on to their total for that competition, also 2 points for heaviest fish and 2 points for best specimen, based on Angling Trust IOW Div. Records (Shore)

22.   Competition year for cup awards and winnings shall be taken over twelve months period from 1st January to 31st December the same year. A running total of winnings will be kept by the competition secretary and presented at the Christmas festive board along with any Cups or trophies for league winners.

23.   Anglers fishing before the start of a competition shall reel in their lines thirty minutes before the start of the competition

24.   The competition secretaries’ decision is final      

25.   The club will abide by angling trust and DEFRA rules regarding the capture and / or return of any fish.